Services and Conditions

1. Guide Hunts: Sleeping accommodations, (depending on what type of hunt you order) will either be in a wall tent, dome tent or cabin. Large groups will stay in our Log Cabin.

2. Non Guided Hunts: Include Breakfast and a sack lunch. There are several local hotels that you can make accommodations at. Most are 30 minutes from our  hunting areas. There will be a small orientation prior to your hunt.

3. Making reservations: Simply call us or send us a letter or print out our hunt application. Fill it out and mail to our address.

4. Payment and Booking: After we have received your hunt application and your deposit of 50% we will send you out a confirmation notice with the dates of your hunt. Final payment shall be received in our office a minimum of 30 days prior to your hunt date and is also non refundable. If for some reason you have to cancel your hunt we will book you for the next year.

5. Waiver: All hunters and their companions shall sign a release agreement and mail it to our office prior to their hunt beginning (No Exceptions) Our Insurance company insists.

6. Airport pickup: A lot of our hunters fly to Spokane International Airport where we will be happy to meet you and bring you to our facility.

7. Cancellation: Trips can be rescheduled if there is a cancellation. Big River Outfitters reserves the right to reschedule your trip at the next available hunting date. Big River Outfitters reserves the right to cancel any trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

8. No extra charge for harvesting game not specifically mentioned on the hunt application form (excluding Elk). Game must be in season and you must have all applicable licenses and tags.

9. Licenses and Tags: You may purchase your hunting and/or fishing licenses and tags prior to your arrival or simply buy them over the counter upon your arrival. If you plan to put in for a special Branched Antler permit you will need to do this prior to June 22nd. All of this can be done via the internet at or call .

10. Weather: there are no extra days added to any hunt due to bad weather or unforeseen natural acts of God. Protect your equipment at all times. We at Big River Outfitters will not be responsible for replacing any of your gear or equipment due to damage by bad weather.

11. Pictures: Big River Outfitters reserves the right to publish on it’s Web site or in any other marketing or advertising material, any pictures of clients taken by Big River Outfitters during the course of the clients hunt or fishing trip.

12. The Law: We pride ourselves in being the most ethical hunters possible. We expect you to know and obey all applicable hunting regulations and laws. We are obligated to report any violations we observe. We want you to have a great time and an enjoyable hunt. Don’t break the law.

13. Deposits: If you decide to cancel within 60 days of your hunt, we will refund your deposit. After 60 days there are no refunds. However, you will be offered the opportunity to pick a hunt for the following season.