Guided Fishing Trips

Roosevelt lake offers some of the best fishing Washington state has to offer. If you like catching lake trout that run up to 4 or 5 lbs then you will love the fishing that this lake has to offer. Along with trout we also have Kokanee, and were not talking those little guys, these fish can run up to 6 lbs. They will test your gear by making some serious runs and jumping out of the water right by the boat. Their very soft mouth can make them a very testy little bugger to land, frustrating even the most experienced fisherman. Now lets talk about the Walleye, what some consider the best eating fish you can put on your plate. This lake has long been known for lots and lots of these yellow eyed buggers, and there are plenty of big boys running around in these waters, that can run 13 to 15 lbs. Best time to fish for the big boys is from February through March. We can accommodate up to four people per day and provide lunch with every trip. Just bring an ice chest and we’ll do the rest.

Fishing trips do not include accommodations or transportation to the lake. They do include lunch.